With 'ERIKA' everything started.
Intended to be a 'real steam'- model, it was fitted with a thrust reversing rudder to avoid reversing the engine.
To maneuver in a small pond, some kind of bow thruster was needed. All should technically fit into the early 1900s.
A modern propeller- bow thruster is not realistic for that period. A paddle wheel is.

This is the thrust reversing rudder:
Schubumkehr- Ruder Schubumkehr- Ruder von links Schubumkehr- Ruder von hinten Schubumkehr- Ruder in Rückwärts Schubumkehr- Ruder Antrieb

This is the paddle wheel bow thruster:
Bugstrahl- Ruder Prototyp
Bugstrahl- Antrieb

casting off with the bow thruster

using the bow thruster


left bow thruster during cruise